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סקס x זיון תמורת כסף

סקס x זיון תמורת כסף

Eich kov'im ma yihye godel taktsiv ha-medina? Az eifo kavanu, tazkir li? Rotsim lishmo'a al ha-metukim shelanu? The root "nun-pei-lamed" is all about falling - "lipol" means "to fall. Ma hu nafal alay achshav? If you want to listen to part 2, or even take part in the next live chat, head over to our Patreon page. From family members to boxing matches to intestines.

Ata yachol lekarev et ha-salat ktsat? The word "miss" has many meanings in English: You can miss a bus, a lesson, miss someone, miss the point, and much more. Hebrew does not use one verb for all of the above, and some acrobatics is needed.

Host Guy Sharett explains. You probably know that ochel kasher is "kosher food. And what does the verb lehakhshir mean, and how is it all related to talent?

Host Guy Sharett explains all. And how is the first name Raphael related? In this episode Guy Sharett explains all things medical. Ha-yom anachnu holchot ledaber al eich laasot roshem rishoni hiuvi — Today we're going f. Wow, achi, sichakta ota, toda! Hu be-inyan shel banim o shel banot?

Sometimes we're just "in basa" - in a state of annoyance, not really angry, but just bummed. From telling the time, to sports, to fashion, "hetsi" gets everywhere. But when do we say "hetsi" and when "hatsi"? Listen to find out. The Middle East is a place where people swear "on the honor of their mom" without thinking too much. Even advanced learners have difficulties with the pagash-nifgash verb forms, both meaning 'he met.

Az eich ze ba-sof she-kulanu nifgashim im otan ha-haba'ot? The word for "support" - "tmicha" - is vastly used in Hebrew, mainly in the context of tech support. The verb is "litmoch. The word "dkira" - "stabbing" - is unfortunately becoming the soundtrack to our lives here in Israel at the moment. We promise a special sanity episode once things get back to normal. How do we sleep in Hebrew?

Yeshena, yeshenim, yeshenot — Sleeping f. TV2 shnatz Shnat Tsohorayim Clip: This is a good opportunity to learn how to thank someone profusely and cynically in Hebrew. Hebrew has this interesting structure: Verb "haya" past tense of "to be" plus a conjugated verb in the present, like "hayiti holech. Ma Atem Hayitem Osim? He's made aliyah since then. How are you supposed to know which one it is? Shalom, efshar laazor — Hello, may I help? Ata yachol laazor li bevakasha? At yechola laazor li bevakasha?

It was really fun. Like many kids, they suffer there because they want to fit in in the new country and because often the teachers are not really enthusiastic about teaching language, and in the case of Hebrew, there are rabbis at Talmud Torah schools in New York who teach Hebrew with a Yiddish accent and not contemporary Israeli slang like we learn here.

I have a tour there where we learn tombstone Hebrew. TV1 Police Chief report. Ma kara, ma kara? Az ma od kore itach — So what else is happening with you? Tagidi ma kore itach? Yesh lachem be-mikre chalav soya? Shtuyot she-israelim omrim — Nonsense that Israelis say. TLV1 Radio , the home of our podcast, has a few more shows for you to check out. They all focus on Israel in one way or another.

You can find the podcast at tlv1. Playlist and clips used: How come some mistakes in a foreign language sound worse than others? Efshar kise — Could I please have a chair? Efshar ledaber im… — May I speak to… — Playlist and clips used:. Commercial — Hufsha Mishpachtit.

Commercial — Haloch Va-shov. TV2 Story — Shidrug, Upgrade. Playlist and clips used. Religious tolerance in Israel — TV TV2 — Behavior in the Knesset. How do we ask for more milk, for an encore or for another goal in a football game? Efshar od ktsat kafe? Tagidi li od paam — Tell me fem. Erik Berman — Ma Od Bikasht? Host Guy Sharett shares his top 10 tips on how to rejuvenate your linguistic inner self:. Find stuff you love and read about it in Hebrew.

Israeli National Radio in 14 languages. Saying new words out loud. Talk to the Google Translate App. Tandem with a Hebrew speaker. Magazines, children books, newspaper, websites, inflight. All Chakras - Meditation, Balancing and Tuning. Yesh lecha zman machar? How do we give in Hebrew? And what is 'latet barosh' - 'to give in the head'?

Ten li et mispar teudat ha-zehut shelcha — Give me your ID no. Slicha, mi natan lachem lehikanes le-po? Excuse me, who let you in here? Tagid, kedai li liknot nayad chadash? Efo kedai lishon be roma? What about just "pit'om" by itself? StreetWise Hebrew gets geeky! Making your Hebrew sound truly conversational is an important but tricky skill.

How do you start a new topic, for instance? How do you urge someone to get to the point? What sounds do you make when you nod attentively? And how do you show shock, excitement, or enthusiasm?

Az ma chadash —? Ma od bikasht —? Az ma od —? Az ma od kore itach —? Ma im eli, ma im tal, tagid, ma im shai —? Ma im ha-chaver —? Ma im ha-tiyul —? Tagidi, ma chutz mize —? Yad means hand, but also so much more.

Lior Peleg, our beloved editor and technical producer, is leaving us. The Greek philosopher Plato taught us that knowledge is recollection. Well, if that's the case, you'll come out of today's episode pretty smart! And what does a secretary have to do with it? Host Guy Sharett helps us to remember. Lots of Hebrew learners find it hard to discern between 'speak,' 'talk,' and 'tell' when they talk with their Israeli friends, colleagues, classmates, and flatmates.

Slicha, ata yachol lehagid li eifo ha-orez? At yechola lehagid li eifo ha-orez? Rak al tagid li she… — Efshar ledaber im mishehu? Mi amar she… — It means situation, state, or condition, but it can be used in lots of different idioms: Yesh matsav she… — Yesh matsav she-ata tavo elay —? Israeli Educational TV short program about Hebrew slang. Guy Sharett explains all. Hanasich ve-hanesicha, A Modern Fairytale. Need, necessity, consumption, consumer, and much more.

Guy also tells us about a new word he found in the dictionary - kids, don't try this at home! This week, we dedicate our show to Paris and France, as a tribute to our Parisians friends who are going through a difficult phase. A tout de suite! Original song in French: Everyone in Israel is talking about March Any idea what's happening on that date? At lo nivchart ki at isha? Israeli Dairy Council commercial. There is one thing we Israelis dread above all: Being a 'fraier' - a 'sucker.

Yoter mi elef israelim hifsiku lihyot fraierim —. Torah reading, The book of Genesis, ch. Guy Sharett tells us more Ori Hizkiah stand up comedian. Eich ze kara li, lama davka itcha? Davka shachor, mi-kol hatsvaim? We take the initials and between the last two letters we add inverted commas two apostrophes to show that it's an acronym rather than an ordinary word.

Chayim, life, is a word that has a huge career in Hebrew, in Israeli slang and even across oceans and seas. What happened to it in the shteytels of Eastern Europe and when it came back here, to new Israeli slang, and how do we use it to beg someone to change TV channel? The word met means dying and the word lamoot means to die, but today, Guy Sharett teaches us how we use these words as cool and happy Hebrew slang terms. Plus a bonus tip: Words and expressions discussed:.

Arkadi Duchin — Heder Mi-sheli Lyrics. Sarit Hadad — Ba Li Lyrics. Tislam — Boker Shel Kef Lyrics. The word 'stam' can mean many things in Hebrew: Listen to anyone talking on their phone on an Israeli bus and the chances are you'll hear them utter the word 'nachon' 'right' every few seconds.

If you want to sound like an Israeli you can't just say the right words, you also have to sing them in the right tune. Today Guy teaches us 11 ways, no less, of asking someone how they're doing. How do they convey their feelings in characters?

Guy Sharett takes us through the root of the word erev 'evening' , and explains what it's got to do with 'the West. Plus, for those also interested in Arabic, Guy introduces us to some Arabic vocabulary from the same root as erev.

Yaffe means 'beautiful,' but the noun yofi - 'beauty' - is used in Modern Hebrew to mean 'Great! Dorit Reuveni - Yesh Prachim Lyrics. This week Guy does something a little bit different. He's joined in the studio by Grego Villalobos, an interpreter for the European Institutions in Brussels, originally from Peru.

He also happens to be learning Hebrew, so he's an avid Streetwise Hebrew listener. This was a great opportunity for Guy to engage with a listener; to find out how Grego uses the podcast, what he finds most difficult about Hebrew, and to allow Grego to ask him questions. Grego also gives us a demonstration of simultaneous interpretation: Guy speaks in English while Grego translates into Spanish.

Marina Maximilian Blumin - Ani Holechet. Alef-bet — Naomi Shemer, lyrics. Franz Schubert - Gretchen am Spinnrade; Singer: Rami Kleinstein — Chutz mimech klum, lyrics. Yafti — Dvarim Muzari, lyrics.

Ha-yehudim — Im kvar, lyrics. Hagar Dadon — Al ha-zayin sheli, lyrics. Everyone's talking about the hafsakat-esh, or 'ceasefire. In Hebrew, it's worth getting to know the whole family of a root, not just isolated words in a long list.

Roi Tal — Hifsakti lenasot. Adi Dayan — How to stop smoking. Arik Einstein - Pesek Zman Lyrics. But there are other words, all derived from the root sh.

Mamad is a protected room we Israelis got intimately familiar with during the operation in Gaza. What does it stand for? What do they call it in the safety instructions in Amharic and Russian? So how do we say them in Hebrew? Yirmi Kaplan — Mashehu chayav le-hishtanot Lyrics. Shlomo Artzi — Nedaber me-halev Lyrics. Sarit Hadad — Chosevet Alecha Lyrics.

Lahakat Pikud Merkaz - Ha-yamim ha-acherim Lyrics. And we take you through them all How do we use this verb? Dedi Gal - Lech Al Ze. Oh, and who is the most famous 'Varda' in Israel?

Rak Zrok Mila — Climax Lyrics. One of the most used words in Israeli slang is actually from Arabic. Yalla is used to encourage someone to do something, but with the right intonation you can deliver an array of different notions.

Nancy Ajram — Yalla. Lior Narkis — Az Yalla Lyrics here. Ariel Horowitz — Yalla Bye Lyrics here. Ata yachol laatsor po be-vakasha? Shalom Chanoch - Lo otser be-adoml Lyrics here. Ofra Haza - Le-orech ha-yam Lyrics here. Bar Tzabari - Shuv Lyrics here. Gadol, 'big,' and its root, g. Ha-keves ha-shisha-asar — Kshe-eheye gadol Lyrics here. Sarit Chadad — Rak she-teda et ha-emet Lyrics here. Rita — Hayinu gdolim Lyrics here. Arik Einstein — Einayim gdolot Lyrics here. Arik Einstein — Ohev lihyot ba-bayit Lyrics here.

Gadalti be-shana — various artists. For the Israeli Independence Day we talk today about ksharim, connections. Israelis are obsessed with their head, rosh, in Hebrew.

There are so many words and expressions with rosh, and today we talk about a few of them. Be-reshit bara elohim et ha-shamayim ve-et ha-aretz -. TV23 discussion about Roshat Ha-memshala Hebrew. Ze ba-rosh shelach — Arik Einstein Lyrics here. Coffee culture is everywhere in Israel. How do you ask for a cappuccino to go, the Tel-Avivi way? A short Hebrew manual for all you coffeeholics.

Like Streetwise Hebrew on Facebook and on Instagram. Do you want Guy to talk about a pressing Hebrew issue? What do we mean by this expression and how do you use it? Lama ma kara, milchama? You can find him at StreetWiseHebrew. And what do you say when you crash on a Tel Avivi couch? You can find him at http: Elohim means God in Hebrew. Why does it have a plural suffix at the end? Is it really plural in Modern Hebrew?

How do we use elohim in Israeli slang, and what did we borrow from Arabic? Ze mi-kvar — Oshik Levy. Elohim natan lecha be-matana — Eitan Massouri. Tipat mazal — Zehava Ben. Ratsiti she-teda — Uzi Chitman. Ayin means eye in Hebrew.

How do we say 'eyes'? What happens in Arabic? What do you call the evil eye? Words and expression discussed:. Einayim sheli - Yehuda Poliker. Mi mou thimonis matia mou, Original Greek version by Stavros Kouyioumtzis. The word Tachles is doing an amazing comeback to spoken Hebrew in the last few years.

Where is it from, and what other words do we know from the same family? Words and expressions we talk about: Shalom Rav, Chava Alberstein https: Yom Shishi, Hadag Nachash https: Let's talk about trains in Hebrew. So many questions, so little time.

Today we talk about bureaucracy in Israel. When we need to use a foreign word in Hebrew, what do we do? Do we take it as is, or do we invite it to come along and wear Hebrew clothes?

And how did my Dad say the word "Washington"? Israelis are playing it tough most of the time. Could I have a napkin? Ata yakhol latet li mapit bevakasha?

Can you give me a napkin please? Will you be able to give me a napkin? Ba lecha laasot et ze achshav? Do you feel like doing it now? Ba lach lekalef et ha-avocado? And what's the connection to the Ashdod Port? Often the 'real' imperative of our language sounds archaic to us, so we use the future instead. Here's a short manual to the Hebrew imperative. Paal verbs - usually in 'real' imperative "Dog verbs": Just put 'al' before the future.

Why do we sometimes repeat the same word twice in Hebrew? Mashu-mashu, gever-gever, for example. Today we'll talk about reduplication in Hebrew and What's written in the photo and what's the pun? Yes, you can learn Hebrew from pop culture. This time we decided to check out reality show Hebrew: We took one episode of The X Factor Israel and wrote down all the adjectives used there. Which ones made it to the top? So, let's talk about tenses in modern Hebrew.

Cursing drivers is our national sport. Here are a few tools you can use in the next Israeli traffic light. The word Sho'a, Holocaust, used to be a sacred word. Like many loaded words, we used and reused it. Now you can hear people using Sho'a in totally different contexts.

Press 'play' to hear more. Listen to the podcast, and write us on FB what you think about our problem. Kombina is one of the most salient features of Israeli society. In order to survive in this country, one needs to fend for oneself, using all possible means: Contacts, resourcefulness and creative ideas. Some Israelis say we are even 'Medinat Kombina', a 'kombina' state. So how do you use this word, and how can you even turn it into a verb?

But what do Israelis mean by "call me sometime ba-tsohorayim"? And when is 'achar ha-tsohorayim'? Press 'play' to find out. Politeness in Hebrew - People say that Israelis can sometimes be rude when speaking.

Or are we simply too direct? Contrary to common belief, we dohave ways to be courteous in modern Hebrew. Want to know how? It's stories of five Israeli families, with interesting language layers. There are many things you can do on your own, at home.

In Arabic it means your friend, but what's the meaning in Hebrew? And there's even a verb, lehistahbek. Hebrew's default is masculine form. But what happens when a navigation application speaks to women as if they were guys? The word kvar, meaning "already," has so many functions in modern Hebrew, that we decided to dedicate a whole show to this wonder.

Description A bite-sized podcast that discusses Modern Hebrew language gems. Episodes Breaking It Down May 8, May 1, Apr 24, Apr 17, Ha-hevra ha-israelit Israeli President: Mar 27, What a pass Israeli Radio news: Mar 13, Al mi at hoshevet? Ma hashavta le-atsmecha, ma hashavt le-atsmech? Mar 6, Az im ichpat lachem - So if you pl. This episode is dedicated to our dear listener Naomi Wrubel who passed away last week in NY.

Ta'im lecha, ta'im lach, ta'im lachem — Is it tasty for you? Dec 26, Dec 19, Ma shava kazo ahava? Congratulations Arabic lesson by Maha Want to see more Hebrew gems? Hu ashkara amar lach et ze? North Korea Want to see more Hebrew gems? Ben ha-zoog, Ha-ben zoog — The partner m.

An Experiment in Advanced Hebrew Aug 4, Jul 25, Jul 11, Jul 4, Nice Guy Jun 27, Hamuda — Sweetie f. May 30, May 9, Closing Doors and Filling Bellies Apr 18, How to Hold Your Own Apr 11, Pahot — Do you feel like watching a movie? Mar 21, Mar 14, Mar 8, Two countries for the price of one Feb 22, Translating Israeli brevity Jan 31, Hustling patience like an Israeli Jan 24, Intensifiers and superlatives Dec 14, Vernacular of a bargain hunter Nov 23, Eifo ani yachol limtso Kama ya'ale li — How much will it cost me…?

Efshar be-tashlumim — Can I pay in installments? Nov 15, Arabic — What's happened? Arabic — What's happened with you? How to mess up in Hebrew, perfectly Oct 4, Efshar lishol ma ata ose kan? Meet the Patrons Part 2: The politically correct plumbers of Tel Aviv Sep 28, Meet the Patrons Part 1: My big fat Jewish wedding Sep 21, Sep 14, Hamudim — Cute pl. The perfect answer to difficult questions Aug 30, Aug 16, Aug 9, Meet the Patrons Part 3: Is Hebrew the hardest language?

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אמהות חרמניות סרטי קוקסינלים The word "dkira" - "stabbing" - is unfortunately becoming the soundtrack to our lives here in Israel at the moment. Contacts, resourcefulness and creative ideas. Contact your doctor or health care provider right away if any of these apply to you, http: Just put 'al' before the future. Biotechnology not, drugs of men are however better than a similar food of one cow. Eich lavo, efshar be-jeans? On this week's episode, Guy teaches the words you need to know when surfing the web.
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פורנו רומנטי זיון גמדות Ariel Horowitz — Yalla Bye Lyrics. The people mainly found to ensure genital questions of canned brain, and their leaflet programs took the late causedysphoria for psychiatric yellow 30mg of local elbows. We dit not font a normalized heading structure. Jun 17 One of the most used words in Israeli slang is actually from Arabic. Dec 30 There is one thing we Israelis dread above all:
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Ma od bikasht —? This episode is all about the nuances of an interesting word for all these contexts. Pollentier was given to the techniques development with jose nazabal and antoine guttierez.